How to Smooth Rough Toenails?

Answer Rough toenails are enough to make you want to wear sneakers forever. But once summer time comes calling, you don't want to hide your feet! You should be showing them off with a killer pair of flip-... Read More »

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How do I smooth out rough granite edges?

SmoothingUse a diamond honing stone to smooth out the rough edges. Granite is one of the hardest of the natural stones, and you must apply a firm and steady pressure to make progress. Use either a ... Read More »

Rough & Smooth Activities for Preschool?

Preschoolers learn by touching and experiencing, so teach the concepts of textures and opposites by using rough and smooth. These textures are found everywhere, so they are easy to use as teaching ... Read More »

Why are tiles with rough surface safer than tiles with smooth surface?

Think about it. If the tiles are wet, then you are going to have more grip if it is rough then when it's smooth so you won't slip and break something as easily.

What side of the vacuum bags goes face up the smooth side or the rough side.It is not pulling a vacuum.?

Victor, you have posted this under dining out in Boston. If you want your answer, you may have to repost. Her are two suggestions: (1) call the housewares department at Kohl's and ask a sales clerk... Read More »