How to Smoke in the Oven With Wood Chips and Water?

Answer You are not limited to only smoking meat outdoors. When the weather does not cooperate or you do not have the space for a smoker or grill, you can smoke meat indoors in your oven. This meat will ne... Read More »

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How to Oven Toast Wood Chips?

Toasted wood chips are used by home brewers to add flavor to beer and wine. When brewing beer, lightly toasted chips give the finished product a coconut flavor while medium adds a vanilla-like tast... Read More »

How to Smoke Food With Cedar Chips?

Smoking is a cooking technique that uses low heat combined with certain types of wood to produce tender, highly-flavored foods. There are many different types of wood you can use when smoking food,... Read More »

How to Smoke Fish in an Oven?

Making smoked fish in your oven will allow you to enjoy the smoked taste without using a smokehouse. Smokehouses are not available in many areas, and many people do not have the space to own one. L... Read More »

How to BBQ With Wood Chips?

Wood chips are used in grilling to add an extra flavor to meats such as hamburgers, chicken, pork chops and steaks during the grilling process. They can be purchased from many grocery stores or mad... Read More »