How to Smoke a Tapered Cigar?

Answer Before you settle in to enjoy a cigar, you must cut the end. Usually it's a simple process --- snip about 1/4 inch down, just above the cap line. When you have a tapered cigar with a torpedo-shaped... Read More »

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How to Smoke a Cigar?

Cigars are more natural alternative to cigarettes. Cigarette smoking as an addiction is not fun, but having an occasional cigar to celebrate or for fun can really be a delicacy.

Is it okay if I inhale the smoke of a cigar?

No one has measured cigar smoke for tar only that they tend to be natural and aren't treated with terrible chemicals like cigarettes are.You take your chances.But cigars do many times have better ... Read More »

How to Ready a Cigar to Smoke?

A good cigar is something to be savored, its subtle flavors enjoyed slowly. To get the best possible experience out of a cigar, special care needs to be taken while it's being prepared to be smoked... Read More »

How to Smoke a Cheyenne Cigar?

For those of you that don't know, a Cheyenne is a miniature cigar.  It is the same size as a 100 cigarette.