How to Slow Down Your Metabolism & Gain Weight?

Answer Although it seems that most attention is given to people who want to speed up their metabolisms and lose weight, a significant number of people can't seem to keep weight on. With metabolisms that r... Read More »

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Can you slow down your metabolism?

There are a number of factors that can slow metabolism. The types of food ingested, the amount of food and water consumed and the amount of exercise done can cause metabolism to rise or fall. Medic... Read More »

What makes your metabolism slow down?

Your metabolism in a nutshell is how fast your body burns energy or calories. It varies from person to person based on genetics, as well as factors such as diet, exercise, thyroid disorders or even... Read More »

How to gain weight-high metabolism?

I know just what you mean by that having been like that throughout my entire time until I decided to change it in the middle of my puberty phrase. The key is to eat a high carbohydrate many times a... Read More »

How Can I Slow Down My Metabolism?

Your metabolism is a finely tuned work of evolutionary art. It is highly flexible and capable of adapting to many different environmental conditions. The problem, if you're trying to lower your met... Read More »