How to Sleep With an Afro?

Answer The Afro hairstyle has a fluffy, healthy appearance. However, unless you are able to sleep sitting up, your Afro will lose its shape during at night and will have to be restyled. There are key elem... Read More »

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Will having my baby sleep with me cause her to not sleep on her own?

On One Hand: Timing MattersIf you choose to transition your baby from your bed to her own, consider doing it by the time the child is 6 months old, advises the KidsHealth website. This is before th... Read More »

How to Wear an Afro With a Headband?

The afro is a bold, beautiful hairstyle that makes a statement in and of itself. Natural hairstyles such as afros require less daily maintenance than more complicated styles and thus are convenient... Read More »

How to Wash an Afro Hairdo With Conditioner?

Afro hair tends to be curly, thick and extremely dry by nature. Because many shampoos can strip hair of natural oils and moisture, cleansing hair with a conditioner is a viable option to maintain ... Read More »

How to Create a 70s Afro With Long Hair?

If you are attending a 70s themed birthday party or want to dress as a disco diva for Halloween, you'll need tips to create a thick and lush afro. For women with long hair, there's no need to panic... Read More »