How to Sleep With a Nose Piercing?

Answer Proper aftercare is crucial anytime you get a new piercing, including a nose piercing. While you can easily remember to keep the piercing sanitary and unobstructed while you are awake, you don't ha... Read More »

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How to Tan in a Tanning Bed With a Nose Piercing?

All body piercings require a certain time to fully heal and shouldn't be exposed to direct sunlight or tanning beds during that time. Exposure to sunlight or UV rays when the piercing is fresh may ... Read More »

How to Show off a Nose Piercing with Style?

So you got your nose pierced? Now this article will help you have the class to not get mouthed-off to about it at school!

How to Clean Your Nose Piercing With Sea Salt?

Cleaning a nose piercing on a daily basis eases pain around the area and accelerates the piercing's healing time; it can also prevent infection. Using body soaps or harsh cleaners burns your skin a... Read More »

Nose piercing jewelry sinking into nose Should I have it removed?

Take it from a piercer, remove it, or get a stud with a larger head and longer post. Your body is not rejecting it, the hole is getting bigger and the stud is sinking into the hole. The puss is fro... Read More »