How to Skin a Raccoon in Fur Trapping?

Answer The sale value of a raccoon pelt is dependent on how well the pelt was skinned and prepared. Fur buyers pay top price for a pelt that has been handled well, and bottom price for a pelt that was poo... Read More »

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How to Skin a Raccoon?

Skinning a coon is usually associated with hillbillies and rednecks, but skinning a coon can be essential for human survival.

How do you get rid of moles outside of trapping?

I had a big problem with that. It took a few months, but Juicy Fruit chewing gum solved it for me. Just unwrap it and stick it into active tunnels in several places. You can imagine what happens af... Read More »

Techniques for Coon Fur Trapping?

Trappers hunt raccoons to use their fur in products like coats, hats, collars and handbags. A variety of techniques trap the sly and cunning raccoon; these techniques range in complexity, humanenes... Read More »

How to Make a Trapping Snare?

Trapping animals with snares is an essential skill to surviving in the wild. Not many people have to use this skill often. Nevertheless, it is an important skill to have. Using snares in your backy... Read More »