How to Sketch a Graph of a Function That Is One-To-One?

Answer A mathematical function contains a domain, which refers to the x values, and the range, which refers to the f(x) values. The unique quality of a function that differentiates it from an ordinary mat... Read More »

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How to Sketch a Graph That Is a Function?

Functions define the relationship between two or more variables and make it possible to algebraically manipulate that relationship to see it from different perspectives. You can understand function... Read More »

How to Sketch a Graph of a Parabola?

There are two main forms of parabola equations, the standard form and the vertex form. The standard form is y = ax^2 + bx + c and vertex form is y = a(x - h)^2 + k. An important point on a parabola... Read More »

How to Use the TI-83 to Graph Logarithmic Function?

Logarithms are one of the more difficult types of functions to graph by hand, making a graphing calculator an appealing option. However, many logarithmic functions are also tricky to graph on the T... Read More »

How to Graph a Function With an Exponent of X?

Graphing a function shows students the general trends of that function. Repeated practice allows students to visually recognize categories of functions based on those general trends. While students... Read More »