How to Size an Anchor Winch?

Answer Hauling up anchor rope or chain by hand has its drawbacks, especially on larger watercraft with heavy displacement, tall profiles and large loads. Rocky wave conditions and wind also factor into th... Read More »

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What size anchor do I need for my boat?

On One Hand: Rule of ThumbFor most boats under about 50 feet in length, your anchor should weigh 1 lb. for every foot of length in your boat. With boats longer than 50 feet, the anchor should weigh... Read More »

What size hex nut is needed for a 1x30 anchor bolt?

A 1-inch hex nut is required for 1 x 30 anchor bolt. The numbers 1 and 30 designate the size of the anchor bolt in inches. The first number represents the diameter of the anchor and the second numb... Read More »

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How to Cut a Winch Cable?

Cable used for a winch apparatus is usually composed of a high tinsel strength steel. Winch cables vary in width, application of torque and weight dispersion, as well as load towing capacity. You w... Read More »