How to Siphon Gas From a '98 Honda Civic?

Answer Knowing how to siphon gas from your 1998 Honda Civic can be a helpful. You can siphon gas before a fuel tank repair, to transfer gas from one car to another or drain your gas tank before selling it... Read More »

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How to Remove the Radiator From a Honda Civic?

The radiator on a Honda Civic works to cool the car and keep it from overheating. When the radiator is cracked or broken, it must be removed to be replaced. A broken radiator can cause an engine to... Read More »

How to Remove the Interior From a 94 Honda Civic?

The 1994 Honda Civic was made in a coupe and hatchback style, but both shared identical interior parts including the seats, headliner, carpet and accessories. One person and only a few tools are ne... Read More »

How to Remove the Glove Box From a Honda Civic?

Certain repairs call for removing the glove box from a Honda Civic. Replacing a radio, locating a main relay or servicing the Civic's cabin air filter are a few such repairs. If you are replacing t... Read More »

How to Siphon a Honda Gas Tank?

If the gas tank on your Honda needs to be replaced (or if the fuel pump dies), you'll need to remove the gas tank. To do this, you need to remove the gas in your tank. While some older Hondas had a... Read More »