How to Simulate Acid Rain?

Answer You can simulate acid rain using a variety of methods, but two experiments in particular allow you to simulate it fairly easily, inexpensively and quickly. In one, you can help children see how gas... Read More »

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How to Simulate Stomach Acid?

When considering how to simulate stomach acid, you should first determine how accurately your acidic solution should simulate gastric juices. Professional scientists may need a pH that more accurat... Read More »

What are some pollutants that cause acid rain?

Sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and ammonia gases all cause acid rain. Acidic compounds, such as sulfuric acid and nitric acid, form when these gases react with water in the air, increasing the aci... Read More »

How acidic is acid rain?

On the pH scale, acid rain in the United States usually ranges from 4.2 to 4.6, out of 14. Considering the fact that 7 is neutral and 0 is extremely acid and that the scale is logarithmic (a chang... Read More »

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