How to Simplify an Equation With X & Y on the Same Side?

Answer Simplifying linear equations with two variables is an important concept in algebra, and it continues to be important in all upper-level math. Often, when creating a graph of an equation, or when so... Read More »

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Can anyone identify a White round pill scored SA H134 on same side, blank on back side. ...?

Ketotifen fumarate (ophthalmic solutions marketed under the brand name Zaditor (Novartis) and Alaway (Bausch and Lomb)) is an H1-antihistamine/mast cell stabilizer available in two forms. In its op... Read More »

After being demoted and still vmaking the same pay he is working the same department with his other coworkers doing same job is it unfair to those workers that he is still making the same money as bef?

You would get water from the 'scuttlebutt.' You could also go to the mess deck and get some java. Or go to the gedunk and buy a soda.

Could a bump on your head with a scab and a painless swollen lymph node on the same side be cancer or an infection or neither?

Answer Hi BarbaraLymph nodes are the filtering system of our bodies and people with high allergy problems can also have problems with basically "clogged" lymph nodes. I know you must be afraid to ... Read More »

How to Simplify Fractions With a Calculator?

Fractions are best defined as numerical value expressed as the ratio of two numbers. It consist of a numerator and denominator. Individual fractions can be mathematically manipulated to create new... Read More »