How to Simplify Radicals Before Adding or Subtracting?

Answer Adding and subtracting radicals are tasks that you may encounter in a math or algebra course in high school or college. The radical sign, which looks much like a check mark, also is called a "squar... Read More »

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Adding & Subtracting Practice With Radicals?

A radical is a symbol that resembles a check mark and is used to indicate a root of a number. A root of a number is some value multiplied a given amount of times to equal the original number under ... Read More »

How to Simplify Radicals?

A radical is denoted by a mathematical symbol that looks a bit like a check mark (√). Numbers are placed inside the box to indicate that they need to be simplified into their smallest elements. A... Read More »

How to Simplify Radicals in the Denominator?

In the tricky world of fractions, it is a convention not to leave radicals in the denominator. Radicals are any sort of root-based expression, such as a square root or cubic root. In order to get r... Read More »

How to Simplify Radicals in Math Problems?

Simplifying radicals (i.e., the square root of 2 or the square root of 43) is a matter of factoring. Radicals are in their simplest form when there are no perfect squares underneath the square root... Read More »