How to Simplify Logarithms?

Answer A logarithm is a type of mathematical function. To understand what a logarithm is, consider the equation x=b^y. You can solve this equation for y by taking the logarithm of x, to the base b. In oth... Read More »

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How to Use TI 36X Logarithms?

The TI-36X is a graphing calculator made by Texas Instruments. The TI-36X can perform a wide range of functions, one of which is calculating logarithms. The TI-36X has four logarithm functions: log... Read More »

How to Understand Logarithms?

The logarithmic spiral is present in this cutaway of a nautilus shell.Confused by the logarithms? Don't worry! A logarithm (log for short) is actually just an exponent in a different form.logax = y... Read More »

How to Use Logarithms in Excel?

A logarithm is a complex math function and has two numbers: the number and the base. Microsoft Excel will use an automatic base of 10 if the user does not enter a base number. The function in Micro... Read More »

How to Differentiate Logarithms?

The logarithmic function represents a value that mathematicians have "defined to be" the anti-derivative of 1 / X. Differentiating these functions is often challenging, as the process of differenti... Read More »