How to Simplify Exponents & Exponential Functions?

Answer Simplifying exponents, or functions containing exponents, is an important part of high school math that continues to be important throughout upper-level math. Be sure to teach your students the pri... Read More »

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How to Simplify Exponential & Rational Functions?

Simplifying exponential and rational functions alike depends upon your facility with simpler principles in math. To simplify either kind of function, you must be adept at factorization, distributio... Read More »

How to Inverse Exponential Functions?

Exponential functions involve raising a number to the power of a variable: y = 2^x is an exponential function. It means that, for any given x, y is 2, multiplied by itself x times. When x is a po... Read More »

How to Graph Exponential Functions on a Calculator?

Graphing exponential functions on a calculator lets you obtain paper-free solutions for complex engineering, mathematics and science problems without having to go through tedious calculations. With... Read More »

How to Simplify Negative Exponents?

Exponents are numbers that are written to show that a value must be multiplied times itself a specific number of times. The value that is multiplied times itself is called the "base." Using exponen... Read More »