How to Silence the Security Alarm on a 2001 GMC Truck?

Answer When the security alarm on a 2001 GMC Truck is triggered, lights will flash and a loud sound will be emitted for approximately two minutes. The system is armed whenever you use a keypad to lock the... Read More »

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How to Silence a Seatbelt Alarm?

Seat belt alarms are installed in many new vehicles and they're liable to test your patience. We're all aware of the importance of wearing a seat belt when driving on public roads, but who wants to... Read More »

How to Install a Car Alarm in a Truck?

A car alarm is a system that is designed to alert a car owner to either vandalism or intrusion attempts on the vehicle is it installed in. It consists of an alarm device that is installed in the ca... Read More »

How to Reset the Alarm on a 2001 Neon?

When the alarm for your Neon is set off and the remote is not deactivating it, then it may require a manual reset. When your alarm is manually reset it goes back to the factory settings that were o... Read More »

Ford Truck Car Alarm Instructions?

Some Ford trucks are supplied with a passive antitheft system ("SecuriLock") that functions by immobilizing the engine if an unauthorized key is used to start the engine. In addition to this, Ford ... Read More »