How to Signal Closure in an Essay?

Answer Bringing an essay to a close is tricky. Competent writing does not explicitly state "The End," or use phrases such as "in conclusion." The audience must trust in your skills as a great writer to co... Read More »

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How to Use Signal Phrases in an Essay?

Writing a factual essay can be challenging. Using the right tools can make the job a lot easier. Enter the signal phrase -- a method of connecting your work with someone else's. Using it correct... Read More »

How to Get Closure?

There may be times in our lives when relationships - whether they are romances, friendships, or family ties - hit a bump in the road and seem to fade away, leaving us wondering what happened and wh... Read More »

Does 1080i signal give a sharper picture than 720p signal on an HDTV set?

Well, in my opinion 720p. But, technally speaking, 1080i is the better resloution.The sharpness of picture will be as follows from the sharpest to the least sharp: Watching 1080p signal on a 1080p... Read More »

How to Add a Velcro Closure?

Velcro, the first brand of hook and loop fasterners, was invented in the 1940s in Switzerland. Perfected in the 1950s and popularized by NASA and the U.S. Space Program, Velcro is used on many type... Read More »