How to Sign the Alphabet in ASL?

Answer American Sign Language uses a combination of gestures, hand signs and facial expressions to communicate with a hearing-impaired person. Although many words have a specific gesture, sometimes you'll... Read More »

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How to Fingerspell the Alphabet in American Sign Language?

Get a PDF "cheat sheet" of this graphic hereIf you've decided to learn sign language, whether just a little or a lot, the first step is to learn to finger-spell the alphabet. Different regions use ... Read More »

What are possible alternative causes for Chadwicks sign Hegars sign Goodells sign Braxton Hicks or Ballottement?

Ballottement indicates an increase of fluid over the patella at the knee joint - this has more to do with an injury or infection and nothing to do with pregnancy.Braxton Hicks or practice contracti... Read More »

Can a child receive social security if the man didnt sign the birth certificate sign?

How do you get the father to sign all legal paperwork and to sign for joint custody when he is unwilling to do so?

AnswerYou can't force Dad to sign the paperwork if he doesn't want to. If you can't reach an agreement on your own, then the judge will have to make the decisions for you.