How to Sign out of Facebook on MyTouch 3G Slide?

Answer The MyTouch 3G Slide phone incorporates Facebook throughout various phone features using Facebook for HTC Sense. For example, once you add Facebook as one of the social media accounts on your MyTou... Read More »

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How do you get frostwire on Mytouch 3g Slide?

When will the MyTouch 3G Slide be discontinued?

What is the purpose of the mytouch 3g slide?

the purpose of the mytouch slide is, there are futuristic apps and you can do more on it than a normal phone. Like, the genouse button, push it and if you dont want to text all ya have to do is tal... Read More »

Do dr dre headphones work for mytouch 3g slide?

No, Beats by Dr. Dres are headphones, they have no memory to hold songs. You have to plug them into a device that outputs music through a standard 3.5mm output jack (ex. iPod).