How to Sign Up for MagicJack if You Have One Already?

Answer MagicJack is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system that works with an external phone device you connect to your computer's USB drive. When the device is connected to a phone jack, the built-... Read More »

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Is 5 days pregnancy has already have sign or symptoms?

absolutely, i started getting morning sickness 1 WEEK into my pregnancy, and i was showing positive preg. tests as early as a week before my missed period. so it is definetly possible

Are sore nipples a sign of pregnancy and would you have symptoms already if it's only been a week?

Answer Implantation is only just taking place so symptoms are unlikely.

You have been feeling very very tired and very dizzy lately could this be a sign of you already pregnant?

Answer At the stage when you already feel dizzy it is possible to perform a home test and it would show positive 14 days after unprotecetd sex. All the best to you!

Do I buy new Nikon D5100 or Canon 550D/600D I already have an old Nikon so have some lenses already.?

I've had a Canon 35mm and a have a Nikon D50 DSLR and I prefer the Nikon. I'd go with the Nikon because you already have some Nikon lenses so they should work with the new body in auto mode. HOWE... Read More »