How to Sign Over a Deed in New Jersey?

Answer A deed is an official document that validates the transfer of ownership of real property. Real property is actual, tangible property, such as a house or land. New Jersey recognizes warranty deeds,... Read More »

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How to Write a New Jersey Home Deed?

A deed is a document which transfers ownership of property from one person or entity to another. Anyone can prepare a deed, however, they are typically prepared by a law office or real estate offi... Read More »

In the state of Florida can a father sign over rights i got a woman pregnant and want nothing to do with it and she knows that i would like to sign over any parental rights..can i do that?

grow up and be a man first of all u need grow up n b a man an raise ur child. an the answer is no.

How to Change the Name on a Real Estate Deed in New Jersey?

The transfer of ownership on a piece of real estate must be handled with either a quitclaim or warranty deed. These deeds must be executed, signed and dated in the presence of a notary public. If y... Read More »

Who can sign a deed of trust?

The deed of trust is a legal document conveying property to a third party (typically a title company) not associated with the trustor (the borrower) or the beneficiary (the lender) with a "Power of... Read More »