How to Sign Into Google Chat?

Answer Many of the most popular Web-based email providers have integrated chat features, including Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft Hotmail and Google's Gmail service. If Gmail is your preferred email service, use ... Read More »

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What is the little moon sign on facebook chat?

it means they're idle (away etc.) like on msn when they have a clock (away, busy etc.)- its the same thing for facebook chat except its a moon, however you cant choose to be idle you only have the ... Read More »

How to Chat With Yourself on Google?

Want to leave a message for yourself for later? Are your lonely and/or friendless? Ready to confront yourself? Are you bored? Then try having a nice chat with yourself on Google!

Google chat text messaging?

Google Voice Text Messages SHOULD appear on all phones...Ask your friend what he typed in the message; maybe he didn't type anything and that is why it is showing a notification? You can get a free... Read More »

Why does my partner in Google Chat keep going idle?

Maybe after a certain amount of time that accumulates that he's not typing he automatically goes to idle.