How to Shut Off the End of a Cycle Signal on a GE Dryer?

Answer GE dryers are sold in a variety of colors and drum sizes, and they often have special cycles, such as specific cycles for linens, antibacterial cleaning, towels and jeans, as well as an electronic ... Read More »

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Why Does a GE Dryer Shut off Before the Cycle Is Done?

GE brand dryers are available for purchase in many appliance, home retail or department stores, as well as online, and come with many available features. Such options include multiple fabric, time ... Read More »

My Kenmore 110 Dryer Won't Shut Down at the End of the Cycle?

The timer assembly on your Kenmore 110 series dryer tells the dryer when its time to stop running. If the timer assembly has broken, your dryer will continue to run even after the cycle has ended. ... Read More »

What Makes My Maytag Dryer Shut Off by Itself Before the Cycle Is Done?

Maytag dryers are available in gas or electric format and many different colors and finishes. The dryers range from basic, with standard time and temperature options, to more elaborate models that ... Read More »

Do you remove the dryer lint after a cycle or just before starting a new cycle?

i suppose this question would be on your personal preferences. i take the lint out right before i start a new load. but my mom takes the lint out right after she empties the dryer so she doesnt for... Read More »