How to Shrink a Data Disc DVD?

Answer Depending on the DVD, you can write slightly over 4.5 GB worth of data onto the disc. A data DVD is used to back up information, and you are able to directly upload the information back onto the co... Read More »

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Can you burn a two-sided disc to a dual-layer disc DVD with a DVD shrink?

DVD Shrink is a compression program that allows dual-layer DVDs to be compressed to fit onto a single-layer DVD. DVD Shrink has no burning capabilities of its own. The software is intended for use ... Read More »

What is best to store data 1)floppy disc 2)cd 3)pen drive 4)hard disc 5) any thing else?

I would have said CD 5 years ago but DVD would have to be my choice today.CD- 700 MBDVD-8gb+Soon may be Blue Ray. 25GB+

How Can I Put a Mini Data Disc Into My Apple?

A mini data disc is similar to a full-sized optical disc in that it stores data that can be read off an optical drive. To read a mini data disc, first place it on an Apple desktop computer's disc t... Read More »

How to Use an XP Disc or WD Data Lifeguard Tools to Format?

Formatting your computer refers to the process of erasing everything on the drive. This is typically accomplished via a DOS boot disk or from within the operating system (for non-primary partitions... Read More »