How to Show Your Pigs?

Answer Showing hogs can be a fun and learning experience. Many youth enjoy the rewarding feeling of stepping into a show ring and exhibiting the animal they have worked so hard to raise.

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What TV show was Arnold the pigs favorite show on green acres?

There was no particular show as such but the Hog seemed to enjoy Westerns dealing with cavalry battles, the John Wayne sort of thing.

What was Arnold the pigs last name on the tv show green acres?

What tv show featured guinea pigs in the late 70's where they drove miniature cars and talked to each other with human voice overs?

The show that you're thinking of is called "Once Upon a Hamster" 9282 The main character was GP and he spoke like W C Fields. Can't remember anythingelse but would also love to know! Amanda Syd... Read More »

What TV show had an episode where a woman married guys and turned them into pigs by feeding them jelly when she got tired of them and what episode was it?