How to Shorten a Chevy Driveshaft?

Answer Drive shafts are found in many rear-wheel drive cars and trucks. Shortening or modifying a drive shaft may become necessary if the vehicle has a different motor or transmission than it came from t... Read More »

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How to Shorten a Car Driveshaft?

In the world of hot rods and high performance cars, one thing is certain: the builder has to be creative. Many of the parts needed to build a high performance hot rod must be custom built to fit a ... Read More »

How to Install a Driveshaft on a Chevy Truck?

On a rear-wheel drive truck, the driveshaft is the part that transfers the output from the transmission to the rear axle, which then turns the wheels. As such, it's a critical component to any truc... Read More »

What is a Driveshaft?

A driveshaft is one of the most basic parts of an automobile. No matter the age of your vehicle, if it is not a front-wheel drive, it probably has at least one driveshaft.

How to Check a Driveshaft?

Driveshafts are made of steel and aluminum and contain U joints that permit the shaft to turn at angles. When driveshafts are manufactured, they are balanced by a weight welded on the sides. The si... Read More »