How to Shop for an Electric Hot Water Heater?

Answer There are several factors besides price to consider when shopping for an electric water heater. There is more information to consider than the water heater's capacity. Be prepared to answer any que... Read More »

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Tankless Electric Water Heater Vs. Tank Water Heater?

Tankless electric water heaters have many advantages over conventional tank-type heaters, but there are several water usage and cost factors that must be considered. The choice between the two type... Read More »

Replaced heating element in electric water heater, still no hot water?

if everything is connected properly - there should be a reset button somewhere by the thermostat. You may have to punch it.I'm sure that you've already flipped the panel switch? I don't mean to sou... Read More »

What is the average lifespan of a residential electric water heater with softened water?

The lifespan of an electric water heater in a residential home is 5 to 7 years. With softened water, the water heater is more likely to last closer to 7 years, as water quality affects the lifespan... Read More »

Who invented the electric water heater?

In 1889, Norwegian mechanical engineer Edwin Rudd traveled to the United States. While in the U.S., Rudd invented the electric hot water heater and founded the Rudd Manufacturing Company, which is ... Read More »