How to Shop for Small Waistlines?

Answer The human body comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether or not you are happy with your individual shape is another story! It may be frustrating to find jeans and tops that fit correctly. However, if ... Read More »

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How to Organize a Small Woodworking Shop?

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How do I Take a Car Repair Shop to Small Claims Court?

Under certain circumstances, a consumer may be able to use a small claims court to resolve a dispute with a car repair shop. Hiring an attorney will not be required but you will have to do the pape... Read More »

How to Start a Small Restaurant or Coffee Shop?

As with starting any business, you need to know what to do for every process and step of your business. Do you need a loan? How much money will you need? Where will the business be? How is it going... Read More »

What are the pros and cons of opening a small tattoo shop?

I think that it's great that you're so supportive. I do agree with Tatt Bratt though, your son needs to start with a formal apprenticeship. As she indicated, there is for more to tattooing properl... Read More »