How to Shoot the Smith & Wesson .45 Colt Mountain Gun?

Answer The Smith & Wesson Model 625 "Mountain Gun" is one of the more popular large-frame revolvers available on the market, and has a reputation in the shooting world for power, accuracy and reliability.... Read More »

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How do i shoot the smith&wesson .45 colt mountain gun?

HistoryDating back to 1873, the Smith & Wesson .45 Colt Mountain gun was once used as standard issue by our military and was a favorite with the cowboys of the era due to its blocky butt, or grip, ... Read More »

How do i shoot the smith&wesson .45 mountain gun?

Loading the S&W .45 Mountain Gun.Point the barrel of the gun toward the ground in a safe direction. Open the cylinder of the gun and insert six .45 caliber bullets. Close the gun's cylinder making ... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot the Smith & Wesson 380 Sigma?

The Smith & Wesson Sigma .380 pistol is a lightweight, double-action-only semi-automatic handgun. The Sigma series pistols are designed with an ergonomic polymer grip and frame, combined with a ste... Read More »

Smith Wesson 38 secret service?

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