How to Shoot a .45 HK?

Answer The Heckler & Koch HK45 is a .45-caliber ACP semi-automatic handgun. Originally developed as a candidate for the U.S. military Joint Combat Pistol selection, the HK45 is a full-size, heavy-duty ser... Read More »

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Is there an app on the iPhone that will allow me to shoot video in portrait mode so it isn't long kind of like how you can shoot one handed on the Flip but it still shoots in landscape thanks?

you have to hold the centre button and the turnon/off button together for about 5-10 seconds.. if it doesnt come on try charging it?! if that still doesnt work im so sorry.. take it back maybe? hop... Read More »

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How to Shoot a Pop Cap?

How to shoot a pop cap up to 20 feet with only a bottle of soda!

How to Shoot an Air Rifle?

Air rifles are easy to fire, and riflery can be fun and rewarding when you do it right. Here are some tips on how to aim and fire an air rifle.