How to Ship a Tarantula During the Summer?

Answer Tarantulas are tropical creatures that survive heat well. They slow down and become more docile when they are chilled. If you fear your packaged tarantula might sit out in the sun at its destinatio... Read More »

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A man is said to be a ship guard on an Irish ship during the late 1700s or early 1800 What did this guy do?

Biggest ship during world war 2?

Japanese battleships Yamato and Musashi, sister ships displacing around 65,000 tons, with 18.1 inch main guns. The largest US battleships were the Iowa Class, displacing around 45,000 tons, with 16... Read More »

How to Be Safe During a Cruise Ship Fire?

When you are on vacation the last thing you expect is to have to deal with a fire on board a ship, but being mentally and physically prepared could help avoid damage. Most cruise ships are very saf... Read More »

How to Turn off the TV During Summer?

Turn it off.Summer is a time for you to get outside and discover yourself, you don't want to waste your brains away in front of the TV.