How to Ship Big Paintings?

Answer Whether you decided to package the painting yourself to save money or drop it off at a full-service packing and shipping store, you can ensure that your art work travels safely from one destination... Read More »

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How did the union ship monitor and the confederate ship change the navy's around the world?

What did the BoB barker ship serve as before a whale wars ship?

No he has a myspace ( Anything else is fake. ...He has a facebook actually ive got him on it u can even talk 2 him on msn on it he has loads of pics if u dont believe its ... Read More »

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What is the Difference Between a Navy Ship&a Naval Ship?

A U.S. Navy ship is designated "USS" for "United States Ship" and is crewed by U.S. Navy sailors. A U.S. Naval Ship, while owned by the Navy, is crewed by Civil Service mariners, designated "USNS,"... Read More »