How to Shine Pewter?

Answer Pewter provides a durable, attractive and cheaper alternative to silverware. The nature of pewter metal also makes it less susceptible to tarnish and corrosion than silver. However, it still requir... Read More »

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How do you shine combat boots if the factory shine is still on?

A fresh combat boot from factory can be shine to a higher shine, but it'll be troublesome in the future, as the layer will get crack because the nourishing layers did not absorb into the boots. How... Read More »

What is pewter used for?

Pewter is a soft, silver-colored metal alloy typically composed of tin, antimony, bismuth and even silver or copper. It is used in jewelry, plates, cups, kitchen utensils, board game pieces, collec... Read More »

What does pewter look like?

Pewter is an alloy, or mixture, of tin, lead, bismuth, copper, and antimony. After being produced, pewter starts out being a shiny silver color, but over time it oxidizes to a dull gray, or even bl... Read More »

What is the chemical name for pewter?

Pewter does not have a chemical name due to the fact that it is an alloy of four different metals. The four metals contained in pewter are antimony, tin alloy, copper and lead.Source:California Sta... Read More »