How to Shelve With Wicker Baskets?

Answer Baskets make a perfect catch-all, for everything from small toys or tools to full sized magazines. Anything that would otherwise scatter or get lost if let loose benefits from being grouped into ba... Read More »

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How do you shelve books?

Having a good system of organization when shelving books will provide for easy access when trying to locate a book, whether for general interest, reference or leisure. Learning the basic guidelines... Read More »

How to Shelve a Motorcycle Gas Tank?

Every now an then, you may find it necessary to remove your motorcycle's gas tank and keep it in storage for a while. Perhaps you are rebuilding your bike or you are effecting a repair that takes ... Read More »

How to Shelve Adult Fiction Books in a Library?

So you're volunteering at your public library, and have been told to shelve the adult fictions. How are you supposed to do that?

What is a wicker man?

According to Philip Coppens, the idea of a wicker man burnt as a human effigy was made popular in the 20th century due to the 1973 movie, "The Wicker Man." However, historical evidence of the use o... Read More »