How to Sheetrock and Mud Around a Shower?

Answer Drywall is a system of boards made of compressed dust used to form a solid barrier between your living area and the frame of your home. One place where this barrier is absolutely essential is in th... Read More »

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What Kind of Sheetrock Do You Use for a Shower?

Sheetrock is a brand of drywall made by USG Corporation. The generic term "drywall" refers to several different products with varying resistance to moisture. Since bathrooms and shower surrounds ar... Read More »

Can I use sheetrock for tiled shower walls?

Sheetrock is typically used in residential construction as a wall covering. However, when covering shower walls with tile, a specific type of drywall called greenboard is necessary. Regular sheet... Read More »

Can You Just Use Mildew-Resistant Sheetrock in a Shower?

When remodeling your bathroom, choosing the perfect new vanity and floor tiles to match it are important. But choosing the right types of drywall is equally important. You need to use mildew-resist... Read More »

You have mold in your sheetrock how do you clean it without having to put up new sheetrock?

Answer That's an indication of water damage. It needs to be replaced.