How to Shave Under the Arms Without Bumps?

Answer Shaving can be a pain, especially if you need to shave under your arms. It is very common to suffer from shaving bumps and razor rash when you continually shave under the arms in the wrong way. Her... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps Under the Arms?

Getting rid of razor bumps on your underarms is a two-part process. You will need to treat the existing razor bumps as well as change some of your shaving habits to prevent more of them. Razor bump... Read More »

How to Get a Clean Shave Under Your Arms?

Getting a smooth shave under your armpits can help you feel confident when wearing tank tops or sleeveless clothing. Proper shaving technique will also prevent irritation, infection and unsightly b... Read More »

How to get a close, smooth shave under my arms?

I always get a much closer shave when I take a cold shower since it makes my hair stand up. Soap instead of shower gel seems to get my skin smoother too (just don't EVER dry-shave). I like to shave... Read More »

How to Shave Underarms Without Leaving Bumps?

Smooth armpits are a vital part of appearance for most women, but the price can be the bumps left over from a less-than ideal shave. Cut the hair down as much possible with scissors, then take a wa... Read More »