How to Sharpen Wahl Clipper Blades Myself?

Answer Wahl brand hair clippers are widely used for a variety of grooming applications. They are most commonly used to trim and groom pets, farm animals and men and women. Wahl offers a diverse range of s... Read More »

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What Blades Work With a Wahl Pet Clipper?

Wahl pet clippers and trimmers are known as some of the most reputable in the pet grooming industry. Getting the best replacement blades for clippers can ensure the equipment lasts as long as possi... Read More »

DIY Sharpen Clipper Blades?

Using dull clipper blades can actually inflict pain. Loud clanking and hair pulling can be a sign that it is time to sharpen your clipper blades. But you don't need to have a professional sharpen y... Read More »

Instructions to Sharpen Clipper Blades?

The more you use a pair of clippers to remove hair, the duller the blades will get. Eventually, the clippers won't cut the hair, but instead will rip out the hair, making the process uncomfortable.... Read More »

How to Sharpen Scissors or Clipper Blades?

Whether you are cutting a piece of paper or trimming up the bushes, dull blades can make a simple task quite difficult. Instead of running out to the store to replace the dull blades, save yourself... Read More »