How to Sharpen Santoku Knives?

Answer A Santoku knife is usually maintained with the correct use of a honing steel. Santoku knives have hollows on each side of the blade, creating air pockets for food slices to fall away easily. These... Read More »

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Do you need to sharpen Santoku knives?

Yes, Santoku knives do need to be periodically sharpened to keep them slicing, dicing and mincing properly. The genuine Japanese product is made of steel and has a fluted edge. Honing it on a sharp... Read More »

Can Santoku knives be sharpened?

Santoku knives are used for slicing, mincing and dicing. Known for their ability to make cutting and cooking faster, Santoku knives need to be sharpened periodically. They can be sharpened at home ... Read More »

Can you use sharpening steel on santoku knives?

How to sharpen a Santoku knife depends on the specifications given by the manufacturer. Generally, a Santoku knife can be sharpened using a whetstone, while other manufacturers recommend that the k... Read More »

Which is better, santoku knife or chef knives?

I prefer a santoku knife, only because I have been using one for a while, now. I like chef's knives, too. And paring knives. The rest are useless, in my opinion.