How to Sharpen Paper Cutters?

Answer Use your paper cutter long enough, and it will eventually grow dull. A dull blade will not cut through paper as efficiently, if at all. Cheaper brands may only need a blade replacement, but guillot... Read More »

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What do you use to sharpen bolt cutters?

Bolt cutters are sharpened with a wet stone. Rubbing the blades at an angle on the wet stone is an effective technique. Use gloves to protect against injury, and apply oil or grease if the bolt cut... Read More »

How to Sharpen Sheet Metal Cutters?

Sheet metal cutters and other industrial scissor-type tools like shears or tin snips get dull with time and use. Rather than purchasing new tools when that happens, you can sharpen the cutters and ... Read More »

What type of tool do you use to sharpen bolt cutters?

Use a medium-grain or fine-grain whetstone dipped in water or motor oil to sharpen bolt cutters. You also can use a diamond-coated flat file, although these are more difficult to come by.References... Read More »

How to Sharpen a Paper Trimmer Blade?

When your paper trimmer blade gets dull, you should notice it in the ability of the trimmer to cut through paper. If the trimmer can't precisely trim the same number of sheets it used to, it may be... Read More »