How to Sharpen Blades on Shaving Razors?

Answer Many men prefer a straight razor to an electric razor or disposable blade. There are no replacement parts to purchase, and straight razor aficionados say that the straight razor offers a closer sha... Read More »

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How to Sharpen Shaving Blades?

Shaving blades are used by both men and women and become dull over time with frequent use. Sharpening shaving blades is a cost-effective solution to disposable razors and new blades. Two simple ite... Read More »

Are shaving razors allowed on airlines?

As of 2010, safety razors may be packed in carry-on baggage. Blades in a cartridge, knives and other types of razor blades, such as box cutters and utility knives, are not allowed in carry-on bagga... Read More »

'Now with five blades!' Is the marketing of razors getting stupid?

i was thinkng that same thing yesterday !!!! to myself of course but in actal fact the more blades there is the more irritation and ingrowing hairs you get.. so im waiting for the super duper 1 bla... Read More »

How do I sharpen dog blades?

Removing the BladeRemove the clipper blade from the clippers. Depending upon the model, you will either need to unscrew the blade or simply pop it off the clippers. Unscrew the blade and remove the... Read More »