How to Share a Fax Modem on a Network?

Answer To send and receive faxes on a computer, it must have access to a fax modem. The modem can either be connected directly to the computer or connected to another computer on a network. To connect to ... Read More »

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How do I have two computers share a DSL modem?

Connect Network CardConnect a router to the DSL modem. Use the network cable coming out of the DSL modem and disconnect the end from the computer and insert it in the router's Internet port. Connec... Read More »

How do I share a dial-up modem?

InstructionsNavigate to the start button, select "Control Panel" and double-click on "Network Connections."Select the local area network (LAN) connection or select the Internet connection you want ... Read More »

Is this safe Our neighbour wants to share our broadband connection as he can connect wirelessly to our modem?

As long as File and Printer sharing is off, he can't access your files.A hotspot is anywhere you can pick up a WiFi signal.Again, as long as File and Printer Sharing is off, noone is sharing files.

How to Network Computers Using a Dial up Modem?

To transfer text or files between two standard dial-up modems, with no connection to a telephone company. This method not only doesn't require a telephone company, it might not even work correctly ... Read More »