How to Shape Curved Nails?

Answer Fingernails have long been associated with feminine beauty. From the days of Cleopatra painting her nails crimson to today's celebrities boasting nails in every color and design, nail fashions have... Read More »

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How to Shape Nails?

How you shape your fingernails can be as personal as how you style your hair. You have a certain preference and there are probably certain styles that will flatter the shape of your face more than ... Read More »

How to Shape Acrylic Nails?

Shaping acrylic nails isn't that much different from shaping your own nails. A few extra steps are required since you're dealing with acrylic instead of natural nails, but the same basic principles... Read More »

How to File and Shape Your Nails?

Maintaining your nails is an important step to keeping your nails healthy. By shaping them gently with a nail file after clipping them, you prevent your nails from breaking or snagging your clothes... Read More »

How to Shape The Toe Nails in a Pedicure?

Pedicures are not just a relaxing treat, they are vital to keeping feet healthy and looking their best. Shape toe nails in a square shape to give toes a clean, finished look. Perform pedicures on y... Read More »