How to Shade Your House From Sun Heat?

Answer With energy costs rising people are trying to keep their houses cool when it is hot outside. The sun beating down on your home can significantly change the temperature inside. Usually people cope b... Read More »

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Will your house plant grow with heat from a lamp?

No, because the lamp does not produce the type of light and heat energy like the sun produces and the plant can not perform its photosynthesis which is the process of which the plant grows, and it ... Read More »

How far from the house should I plant shade trees?

When planting shade trees, keep in mind the mature, fully-grown size. Mature trees, less than 50 feet tall, can be up to 15 feet from the house. Plant 50-foot trees 15 to 20 feet away, and plant tr... Read More »

How to heat Your

In our part of the town all houses are heated by gas. But there are many, many houses around here that already have photovolatic panels on the roofs. And I heard about some project houses that are ... Read More »

Does a fireplace take heat from a house?

Conventional brick fireplaces lose 80 percent to 100 percent of the heat they produce through the chimney and can draw up to 10 percent of the heat already in the room out through the chimney, too.... Read More »