How to Shade & Highlight in Illustrator?

Answer You can easily highlight and shade objects and shapes in Adobe Illustrator using the gradient tool. You can apply dramatic lighting effects, three dimensionality and perspective by using shades an... Read More »

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How to Shade on a Graphing Calculator Using the Shade Command?

Shading on a graphing calculator is a great way to visually indicate overlap, whether between two inequalities or two lines. For instance, if you want to shade the space below one equation and abov... Read More »

How to Highlight in a PDF?

If you're reading a PDF (Portable Document Format) file and wish to highlight a single sentence or an entire paragraph, you can do so by using the highlighting feature in Adobe Reader 8, according ... Read More »

Emo Highlight Ideas?

The emo haircut is an extreme and stylish punk hairstyle that is characterized by its shag-like haircut appearance: The thick and shorter hair in the crown area abruptly thins out to longer hair ar... Read More »

How to Highlight a Website's Tab?

One helpful Web design trick you can use is to highlight a tab in the navigation bar. Most Web designers highlight the current page a visitor is reading. Doing this makes your website easier to nav... Read More »