How to Shade High Cheekbones?

Answer High cheekbones are a common beauty ideal. Take a gander at models and actresses and you see high, slanted cheekbones. They look exotic and add interest to the face. If you weren't born with them, ... Read More »

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High Cheekbones?

I'm not really sure but i've always thought that "high cheeckbones" were just cheeckbones that stick out more. i don't think that that they're actually "higher".

Do i have high cheekbones?

Yea I'd say you have high cheekbones. You do also have almond shaped eyes. :) Btw, you look really pretty in the picture :D

Makeup Tips for High Cheekbones?

Runway models and A-list actresses always seem to look flawlessly beautiful. One noticeable trait that they share is high cheekbones. They couldn’t have all been born this way, right? Of course n... Read More »

How can you tell if your cheekbones are high?

They should be about a finger-width apart from the bottom of your eye.