How to Sew a Sling for a Child?

Answer Making a sling is imperative when faced with a broken arm. Children are very susceptible to broken bones because their bones are still growing and strengthening. Even once their arms are fitted wit... Read More »

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Difference between an arm sling and an elevation sling?

An arm sling usually just support the arm in a neutral posisition , while an elevation sling supports the arm and keep it elevated above the heart leve to reduce swelling and pain. You would also y... Read More »

What is the sling on a gun used for?

so it can hang around you so if for example you needed to get something else out of your pocket you wouldn't need to worry about someone taking it.Modern rifles have a sling that allows the soldier... Read More »

Should I get a sling?

Thats really bad for you.It would be better, if you ask a doctor.Best wishes!

How to Rig a Sling?

Load-bearing slings are used in construction and transportation projects to secure an object in the grip of a mechanism that can move a heavy weight. There are multiple ways to move an object using... Read More »