How to Sew a Bag With Double-Faced Quilted Fabric?

Answer Double-faced quilting fabric is beautiful and versatile, and provides an elegant look to your bag without the time consuming hassle of adding a lining. While finding a pattern for a bag made for do... Read More »

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What size sewing machine needle is used to sew on quilted fabric?

To sew on quilted fabric, use a needle between size 75/11 and size 90/14. A 75/11 needle will work best for a lightweight quilt while a 90/14 will work best for a dense, heavy quilt.References:Sewi... Read More »

What is double knit fabric?

Double knit or double-knit fabric is popular for clothing because it is durable and doesn't stretch. It is a finely-ribbed material that dry cleans well and can be dyed a variety of colors.Definiti... Read More »

Which side of the basement ceiling insulation goes up--faced or non-faced?

Faced insulation should be placed with the facing toward the heated part of the home. Exposed (unfaced) insulation should be covered with an interior panel or finish if the area is going to be occu... Read More »

When was double knit fabric invented?

Double knit fabric was originally made from 100 percent polyester yarns knitted the same on both sides, producing a thick, stretchy fabric. It was originally introduced to the market in the early 1... Read More »