How to Sew Using the Original Hem Line?

Answer When you need to shorten your jeans, hem them using the original hem line to get the best results. Manufacturers have special equipment that home sewers do not have, so it is hard to replicate an o... Read More »

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Can you enable home screen wallpapers and multitasking on iOS 4.0 iPod touch using a jailbreak after your iPods already updated. As in not using the original update file but to plug in and jailbreak?

With RedSn0w there is the option (when jailbreaking) to add multitasking and a homescreen wallpaper.

What were the original plants grown using hydroponics?

water is essential for every plant. so, no plant will be grow without water,thus the original plants grown using hydroponics,

What kind of camera is the hitch hiker using in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre from 1974?

Indeed it is a Polaroid camera. Just found a clip from YouTube to see what it looks like. Here's a page with all different kinds of models that are similar to the one used. I'm sure the exact mo... Read More »

Are 'online banking' and 'net banking' similar to 'fishing using a line(tackle)' and 'fishing using a net'?

Well!!!!!!!SureBut, there exists a difference!!Fishing using a tackle can catch fish while using net may even have a shark! (if lucky!!)