How to Sew Head Wear?

Answer Head wear has been a popular accessory for most of fashion history. Hats have gradually given way to headpieces, and finally headbands and clips. Making your own head wear can be an inexpensive way... Read More »

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If U lost Ur hair for medical reasons would U shave Ur head, wear a scarf or wear a wig (Females Only)?

My hair fell out when I went through chemotherapy. I didn't really want to shave it at first but after it started falling out everywhere I felt like a dog that was shedding so I shaved it.My family... Read More »

What does a nun wear on her head?

A nun wears a wimple and a veil as head dressing. The wimple covers the throat, chin, cheeks and head with an extra band for the forehead. This is topped by a white veil for a novice-nun and a blac... Read More »

What do Muslims wear on their head?

The head covering worn by most Muslim women is called a hijab and it represents the modesty expected of Muslims. Some Muslim countries, like Iran and Saudi Arabia, mandate the wearing of hijabs by ... Read More »

Can you wear head phones in ABU's?