How to Setup an Electroscope Science Experiment?

Answer Static electricity is an accumulation of electrons on some non-conductive material such as a rubber balloon. Like magnets, electrons are attracted to protons, and when the air is humid, electrons c... Read More »

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Science Experiment Games?

Science experiments do not have to be boring and educational. They can also be fun, interactive and interesting for the students. Many science experiment games do just that by letting students lear... Read More »

How to Conduct a Science Experiment?

With all of the right tools and the right safety tips, you can become the next Bill Nye.

Fun Science Experiment Ideas?

With fun science experiments, parents and teachers can use a child's love of playtime to teach science. When choosing an experiment, select one that challenges the child without too much difficulty... Read More »

How to Write up a Science Experiment?

When you have performed a science experiment, you will often need to write a report about it.